17 Dec
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How to rent a flat or room in Poland
Category: Immigration, Residency
11 Nov
Work Permit In Netherlands
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14 Mar
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Work permit – how to check if it is legal
Category: Europe, Immigration, Visa, Work
A lot of people are writing to us asking if they work permits are legal. That’s why we are decided to create this article to dispel all of the doubts. In this section, you can r...
28 Feb
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Blue Card
Category: Europe, Immigration, Visa, Work
Blue card is a document established by Council Directive allowing qualified non-EU workers to stay and work in the territory of any UE Member State except Denmark, Ireland and t...
20 Feb
Business man and woman are going on business trip.
Category: Business, Europe, Immigration, Visa
A foreigner is obliged to leave Poland before the end of the stay, to which he is entitled on the basis of a Schengen visa or a national visa and before the end of the visa's va...
11 Feb
Doctor and patient.
Health insurance in Poland
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Health insurance is insurance in case of illness, accident, injury, poisoning, life threatening condition, etc. To be able to use such insurance, you must pay monthly contributi...
06 Feb
How to appeal a consul’s decision
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In the case of refusal to Visa application, the applicant receives information in writing about the reason for the decision. From the moment of receipt the decision issued by th...