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Foreigners living in Poland should take part in the National Census 2021

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Foreigners living in Poland should take part in the National Census 2021

The 2021 National Census of Population and Housing (NSP 2021) is the only chance to count all foreigners living in Poland. This opportunity happens once in 10 years.

Until September 30, you should fill the online form or contact by phone. Participation in the census is mandatory and a refusal may result in a fine.

National Census includes not only Polish citizens – the census obligation applies to EVERY person living in our country, regardless of citizenship or nationality.

You should not be afraid to participate in Census – statistical confidentiality guarantees that individual data on foreigners and their Polish employers will not be made available to anyone, even in the absence of legality of the stay or work.

All foreigners residing in Poland permanently or temporarily are subject to the census. It is not important whether these persons are registered in Poland or stay illegal.

Don’t worry – your data is protected

Even if a given person resides or works in Poland illegally, he does not have to be afraid of the negative consequences of participating in the 2021 National Census. The census data are confidential. This means that data about it will not be transferred to other institutions, including law enforcement authorities.

People employing foreigners can also be calm, even if they have not followed the procedures required by law. In their case, statistical confidentiality is also in force and it is not possible for information on individual employers to be transferred outside of official statistics.

Have you been in Poland on 31st march 2021?

More and more young people who come to Poland for the purpose of study, work or business from abroad. These people should also sign up, if they stayed in Poland on March 31 (the state according to which information is collected in the census). If you have foreign students, coworkers among your friends, take advantage of the opportunity to make them aware that they must fulfill this obligation. In the case of students, cases of illegal stay are rare, but if someone is afraid to give information about themselves, remind that the information collected in the census will be carefully guarded.

Only diplomats do not have to do participate in Census

Employees of diplomatic missions and consular offices of foreign states and their family members are excluded from the census obligation. This is the only exception to the census obligation for foreigners living in Poland.

Where to find information in your language?

It is worth encouraging foreigners you know to visit the website of the 2021 National Census. Information materials are available there in various language versions. Even if someone does not find information in their own language, they can use materials prepared in selected international languages.

Please visit the dedicated website

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