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Study in Germany

Embark on your educational journey in Germany with confidence, guided by the expertise of
The Migration Bureau. Our comprehensive Germany Student Visa services are tailored to
streamline the application process, ensuring a seamless transition to your desired academic

Universities and Courses offered:

Technical University of Munich (TUM):

Courses: Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, Business Administration, Mathematics,

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU Munich):
Courses: Law, Medicine, Psychology, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Humanities.

Heidelberg University:
Courses: Medicine, Law, Philosophy, Theology, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences.

Humboldt University of Berlin:
Courses: Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Business Administration, Medicine, Natural

Freie Universität Berlin:
Courses: Political Science, Economics, History, Communication Studies, Philology,

RWTH Aachen University:
Courses: Engineering, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Economics, Architecture.

Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin):
Courses: Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Architecture, Urban Planning.

University of Freiburg:
Courses: Medicine, Law, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences.

University of Bonn:
Courses: Agriculture, Economics, Law, Medicine, Mathematics, Natural Sciences.

University of Hamburg:
Courses: Law, Economics, Medicine, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences.

Cost of Living in Germany:

Costs of living in Germany vary based on factors like accommodation, utilities, food, and
transportation. On average, monthly expenses range from €800 to €1,200.

Cities in Germany:

Berlin: Germany’s capital city is known for its vibrant cultural scene, diverse student population,
and affordable living costs. Berlin offers numerous universities, vibrant nightlife, and a thriving
arts and music scene.
Munich: Munich is renowned for its high-quality education institutions, strong economy, and
picturesque surroundings. While living costs are higher compared to other cities, students benefit
from excellent academic opportunities and a high quality of life.
Hamburg: Hamburg combines the charm of a historic port city with modern amenities and a
lively cultural scene. The city is home to several universities, bustling nightlife districts, and
beautiful waterfront areas.
Heidelberg: With its historic university, picturesque old town, and scenic location along the
Neckar River, Heidelberg offers a unique and charming atmosphere for students. The city is
known for its academic excellence and vibrant student community.
Cologne: Cologne boasts a rich cultural heritage, impressive landmarks such as the Cologne
Cathedral, and a thriving student population. The city offers a wide range of academic programs,
affordable living costs, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Why Choose The Migration Bureau?
Experienced Consultants: Our team of seasoned immigration consultants possesses in-depth
knowledge of German immigration regulations. We provide personalized guidance and support
to navigate the complexities of the visa application process.
Tailored Solutions: We understand that each student has unique needs and aspirations. Our
services are customized to address your specific requirements, from initial consultation to visa
Compliance Assurance: With meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that your visa
application complies with all German immigration requirements. Our goal is to minimize the risk
of delays or rejections, facilitating a smooth and efficient process.
Timely Updates: Throughout the application process, we keep you informed of any
developments or changes in immigration policies. Our proactive approach ensures that you are
well-prepared and informed at every stage.

Our Germany Student Visa Services Include:

Initial Consultation: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your academic background,
career goals, and visa eligibility. Based on this evaluation, we provide tailored advice to optimize
your chances of success.
Documentation Assistance: Our experts assist you in compiling and organizing the necessary
documents for your visa application, including academic transcripts, language proficiency
certificates, and proof of financial resources.
Application Preparation: We meticulously prepare your visa application, ensuring accuracy
and completeness. From completing application forms to arranging required appointments, we
handle all aspects of the process on your behalf.
Visa Submission and Follow-Up: Once your application is ready, we submit it to the relevant
German authorities and monitor its progress closely. We liaise with immigration officials to
address any queries or additional requirements promptly.
Post-Approval Support: Upon receiving your student visa, we provide guidance on arrival
procedures, residence registration, and other essential aspects of relocating to Germany. Our
support continues beyond visa approval to ensure a smooth transition to student life in Germany.

Secure your future with The Migration Bureau’s Germany Student Visa services.

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