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If  you are planning to start a job in Poland you can use the services of our company. We will review your CV and offer you the best job position matching your abilities. Also, we will advise regarding getting work permit, visa, accommodation and other matters related.

Steps to get work permit:

1.If you are from country that doesn’t belong to European Union and whose citizens need work permit to legally work in Poland, in first step your employer should fill special application to get work permit for you. He should also collect all the needed documents.

2.For some professions, the employer is required to obtain information from the staroste. The staroste’s information is issued in order to demonstrate the possibility of satisfying the employer’s staffing needs based on the local labor market. Only if there is a shortage of Polish employees, information can be issued. Sometimes information is not required in some highly qualified professions and this step can be skipped.

3.Your employer should apply for your work permit in voivodeship office, submitting application for your work permit and all the needed documents. 4.Wait around 30 days, for issuing a work permit. Remember that in some cases the time can be longer for example up to 2 months.

5.Your employer should collect decision. If in any cases the decision is negative he have right to appeal during 14 days.

6.If you are not in Poland, your employer should send you original work permit and contract of employment. You will need that documents during embassy appointment.

7.You should register your embassy appointment for the right type of visa. In case of working in Poland it should be national visa type D.

8.Go for embassy appointment and take part in interview for visa. Than wait for the decision.

9.After receiving the visa, you can travel to Pola