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Estonia Work Permit

For those intending to work in Estonia, there are two options: register for short-term employment or apply for a temporary residence permit for employment.

  1. Short-Term Employment:
    • This option is available for third-country nationals staying legally in Estonia on a temporary basis (e.g., on a visa or visa-free).
    • Work assignments lasting up to 365 days during a 455-day period require registration with the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board before employment begins.
    • Conditions include the necessary qualifications, health, work experience, and professional skills, with the employer registering the employment.
    • The employer must pay remuneration equal to the annual average gross monthly salary in Estonia.
    • Application processing typically takes up to 15 working days.

Documents Required:

    • Application for short-term employment registration.
    • 1 digital color photo.
    • Copy of the third-country national’s travel document.
    • Document certifying the payment of the state fee.
    • Additional required documents, information, or confirmations.

Duration of Validity:

    • Short-term employment can be registered for up to 365 days during a 455-day period, with possible exceptions.

More Information:

    • Short-Term Employment Details
    • Long-Term (D-type) Visa Details
  1. Temporary Residence Permit for Employment:
    • Suitable for employment relationships exceeding visa or visa-free terms.
    • Employment and business migration are subject to an annual immigration quota, excluding certain categories like ICT employees, start-up company roles, teaching staff, and top specialists.
    • Application submission can be done in person at an Estonian embassy, consulate, or at the Service Office of the Police and Border Guard Board.

Documents Required:

    • Application for temporary residence permit.
    • Data of close relatives and family members (if applicable).
    • Identity document.
    • 1 digital color photo.
    • Document certifying the payment of the state fee.
    • Additional required documents, information, or confirmations.


    • Registration of place of residence within a month of arrival.

Duration of Validity:

    • Temporary residence permit for employment is granted for up to 5 years with the possibility of extension.

For a transparent process, applicants should ensure compliance with all specified conditions and provide accurate documentation for a smooth application process.