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Germany Job Seeker Visa

What is a German job seeker visa?

This is a visa for qualified professionals/ skilled personnel from countries outside the EU which enables them to come to Germany for up to six months for the purpose of seeking employment according to their qualifications.

 For this type of residency the applicant has to possess a German or comparable recognised foreign university degree/ professional qualification. 

Applicants do need to have sufficient German language skills for their professional purpose. 

You can check whether your foreign university degree is recognised or comparable by consulting the ANABIN database. 

In order to find out if your professional qualification is recognised and comparable to a German professional qualification, you will need to go through a recognition procedure. 

Your professional qualification might also get partially recognised, meaning you need to do some professional or language training in order to make up for deficits; this you may do in Germany. For more information contact your locally responsible recognition office, which you can find here. 

If you plan to work in a so-called regulated profession, you will additionally need an authorisation to practice. The recognition procedure may be initiated by yourself or through your future employer. General information on graduate immigration is available on the portal for qualified professionals

What Are the Requirements for a Germany Job Seeker Visa?

Only complete applications with original documents and two (2) copies of all documents can be accepted! Submitting a complete application file does not necessarily mean that the visa will be granted. Each applicant has to furnish his/her own complete application file with all relevant documents and copies. The following must be presented with the application and the Embassy reserves the right to ask for further supporting documents and/or information: 

two completed and signed application forms. Please find the relevant forms on the official website;

valid Passport. The passport has to have at least two empty pages available. Please include previous passports, either valid or cancelled; 

copy of all previously issued Schengen visas, including the pages with the entry and exit stamps from the Schengen area; 

two recent and biometric passport sized photographs;

German university degree or recognised foreign degree comparable to a German degree/ German professional qualification or recognition assessment of your foreign professional qualification(“Anerkennungsbescheid”, “Defizitbescheid”) 

Curriculum vitae of professional career, specifying the certificates, diplomas, and others which you have obtained 

Letter of motivation providing information on the planned course of action to secure a job (letter should include sector, region, intended place of residence/accommodation etc.) 

Evidence of valid health insurance

Any additional evidence of your preparations to secure a job that can already be provided. 

Evidence of sufficient funds to support yourself while living in Germany which means a minimum of € 5,682.- for six months.

 If you have a sponsor in Germany, you have to submit the original of a Formal Obligation (“Verpflichtungserklärung”) from the person sponsoring you as well as a copy of the sponsor’s valid passport and (if applicable) his/her valid resident permit for Germany. This document has to be obtained from the Alien Authority in the city of residence of the host in Germany. It must state that funds for your stay to seek employment have been proven (“Bonität nachgewiesen” / “Arbeitsplatzsuche”). If the host/sponsor resides outside of Germany, the Formal Obligation has to be obtained from the relevant German Embassy in that country (for details please contact the relevant Embassy directly.) Once a positive decision has been made, you will be required, if you haven’t done so already, to hand in a valid travel health insurance before the visa is issued.