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Lithuania Work Permit

For non-EU citizens, there are specific circumstances allowing work in Lithuania without a permit, primarily for jobs requiring high-level professional qualifications. The employer can obtain a decision on compliance with labor market needs from the Migration Department under the Ministry of the Interior.

Types of Lithuania Work Permits:

  1. Work visa for highly skilled workers (EU Blue Card)
  2. Work visa for intra-company transfers
  3. Work permit for employment in Lithuania
  4. Seasonal work visa

Applying for a Lithuania Work Visa: To apply for a Lithuania work visa, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the work permit from the Lithuania Labour Exchange, applied for by your employer.
  2. Locate the nearest Lithuanian embassy/consulate and apply for a work visa before a temporary residence permit.
  3. Fill out the national visa application form available on the Migration Department website.
  4. Collect required documents, including a valid passport, mediation letter, work permit, health insurance, criminal record proof, professional accreditation, etc.
  5. Attend the embassy/consulate appointment and wait for processing, usually taking around two weeks.

Lithuania Work Visa Requirements: Ensure you have the following documents for a Lithuania long-stay work visa:

  1. Long-stay visa application form.
  2. A mediation (invitation) letter specifying the Lithuanian employer and employee.
  3. Valid passport with two blank pages.
  4. Work permit issued by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange.
  5. Proof of sufficient means of subsistence (bank statement).
  6. Health insurance for entry and enrollment in the national compulsory health insurance system.
  7. Proof of no criminal record (not older than three months).
  8. Professional accreditation document, translated or written in Lithuanian.

All documents must be legalized and bear the apostille stamp.

Lithuania Work Visa Fees: The long-stay work visa costs €120, payable at the Lithuanian embassy or consulate. A proof document must be added to the online visa application.

Duration of a Lithuania Work Visa: Issued for a maximum of one year, the visa can be extended annually. After five years, a permanent residence permit and Lithuanian citizenship can be obtained.

Extending a Lithuania Work Visa: To extend your stay, apply for a work permit extension, and your employer must seek an extension. Beyond one year, a temporary residence permit is required for continued stay in Lithuania.

Bringing Your Family Along: With a valid work and temporary residence permit, family members can join through a family reunification visa.

Additional Information:

  • Health Insurance is mandatory in Lithuania and can be obtained at the National Health Insurance Fund.
  • Living Costs and Average Salary: Lithuania offers affordable living, with costs ranging from €800 to €1400, and the average salary is €1400 per month.