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Czech Work Permit

The Czech Republic’s central placement in Europe makes it an attractive location for foreign employees and international businesses. If you’re planning an expansion to the country, you can take advantage of good transportation and infrastructure links. However, you’ll also need to worry about meeting compliance laws related to Czech Republic work visas and permits.

Types of Czech Republic Work Permit:

There are three different work permits for the Czech Republic:

  1. Employee Card:
    • A permit for long-stay allowing citizens of foreign countries to live and work.
    • Valid for two years, extendable based on the case.
    • Functions like an ID card with biometric features.
  2. Czech EU Blue Card:
    • Issued to non-EU citizens with higher qualifications.
    • Valid for two years, renewable.
  3. Intra-Company Transferee Card:
    • Allows foreign citizens to transfer work to the Czech Republic for higher positions.
    • Manager or specialist for three years and employed intern for one year.

Applying for a Czech Republic Work Visa:

To apply for the Czech Republic work visa, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Czech Embassy:
    • Book an appointment at the nearest Czech embassy.
  2. Submit Required Documents:
    • Submit necessary documents for the visa interview.
  3. Application Processing:
    • The Czech Embassy forwards the application to the Ministry of Interior.
    • The MOI reviews and makes a decision.
  4. Enter Czech Republic and Collect Employee Card:
    • Visit the MOI within three days of arrival to report your stay and provide biometric data.
    • Receive the work permit (Employee Card) allowing a one-year stay and work.

Applying for a Work Permit from Inside the Czech Republic:

If already in the Czech Republic, follow these steps:

  1. Submit Application:
    • Submit required documents to the Ministry of Interior in person.
  2. Wait for Response:
    • The Ministry of Interior will contact you with the work permit application response within 90 days.
  3. Collect Employee Card:
    • After approval, pick up the Employee Card to start working.

Czech Republic Work Visa Processing Time:

It takes 30 to 60 days to process a Czech Republic work visa. Submit your application at least 45 days before your travel date.

Czech Republic Work Visa Requirements:

When applying for a Czech work visa, submit the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Passport Photos
  • Health Insurance
  • Biometric data (fingerprints)
  • Work contract or a work agreement
  • Personal qualification document proof
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Report
  • Accommodation document

Duration of a Czech Republic Work Visa:

The duration is between one to three years, depending on the job contract. Apply for a residence or a work permit extension for a longer stay.

Extending a Czech Republic Work Visa:

Extend within three months before the expiring date, but not earlier than three months. Continue with the same employer and position or apply for a new work permit if changing employers.

Czech Republic Work Visa Fees:

The fee for a work visa is CZK 2,500 (approximately €102). Pay the fee after completing the application form, either at the embassy or consulate.

Bringing Your Family Along:

If eligible, you can bring family members, including spouse, cohabiting partner, child under age 18, and lonely relatives over age 65 with health problems.


Getting a work permit in the Czech Republic unlocks exciting job opportunities in a country that blends history, culture, and modern life. Follow the application process, meet the rules, and embark on an incredible work adventure in the heart of Europe!