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Vaccination for COVID19 for foreigners in Poland

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Vaccination for COVID19 for foreigners in Poland

The COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most important things we can do to contain the epidemic. The vaccine triggers the body’s natural production of antibodies. It also stimulates our immune cells to protect us from COVID-19 infection. There is a very high probability – up to 95% – that vaccination will protect you against COVID-19 infection. Vaccines are studied by the best scientists from all over the EU. Their approval for use depends on the decision of the European Medicines Agency.
Defeating the coronavirus is only possible by interrupting its human-to-human transmission. The vaccine gives us this opportunity. In order for the effects to be the best and as quickly as possible, we must be responsible and in solidarity. Anyone who gets vaccinated has a chance to break the chain of infections. Our vaccination is not only about protection for us. It is also about protecting our parents, grandparents, children and friends.
Vaccinations against COVID-19 for foreigners legally residing in Poland are provided free of charge. The only condition for the possibility of vaccination is legal stay in the territory of Poland. It can be a permanent or temporary residence permit, a long-term resident permit, as well as various types of visas, including a tourist, business, work etc. visa. In order to register for the vaccination, the PESEL number is not necessary.
The pass for vaccination is e-referral. On May 10, 2021, registration for vaccination against Covid-19 has started in Poland for all applicants who are 18 years of age. Currently, 12-year-olds can get vaccinated.
E-referral – this is the document that entitles you to receive the vaccine. In most cases, it is generated automatically for people who can sign up for a vaccination. Only in some cases do patients report to the doctor for this document. This happens when a given person does not have a PESEL number, or in the case of specific patients with specific diseases – they are informed about it. The e-referral is valid for 90 days.
To obtain an E-referral without a PESEL number, you should contact a primary care physician or any other private physician.
The primary health care physician has the right and should issue a referral for vaccination via the application. When issuing a referral, in the field “patient data”, he should select “Other identifier” (instead of “PESEL number”) and enter the number of the identity document used by the authorized foreigner. Ideally, it should be a passport number or a foreign ID card.
Do not forget to take the identity document, the details of which you have given to the doctor to enter, for vaccination. Remember to use exactly the same ID document that was used to issue your e-referral at each stage of the vaccination process.

With the e-referral issued in the system, you can register for vaccination in one of two ways:
• via the helpline 989,
• directly at a vaccination point convenient for you, your place of residence/stay.

Currently, the following are authorized for trading in the European Union:

  1. An mRNA vaccine called Comirnaty (BNT162b2) from Pfizer and BioNTech.
  2. An mRNA vaccine named Spikevax (mRNA 1273) by Moderna.
  3. AstraZeneca vector vaccine called Vaxzevria (ChAdOx1 nCoV-19).
  4. Vaccine Janssen COVID-19 vector vaccine (Ad26.COV.2-S).
    All indicated vaccines only worked on the positive side.
    There are also nice bonuses: the opportunity to win valuable lottery prizes and receive a vaccination certificate, which allows you to travel without restrictions.
    National Immunization Program Lottery: Anyone fully vaccinated has four chances of prizes: one immediate prize, one weekly prize, one monthly prize, and one final prize.
    Foreigners or people without a valid ID card may ask for a certificate of their primary health care physician to be printed. If they have a PESEL number and use a Trusted Profile, they can download the certificate using mojeIPK / IKP
    You can read about the rules of entry (border) quarantine at the link .

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