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Conducting business activity in Poland.Business brainstorming - how to apply for residency in Poland.

Entrepreneur conducting business activity Guide – Residency

Temporary residence permit for business activity
Temporary residence permit for conducting business activity is granted to a foreigner whose purpose of stay is to perform work by performing functions in the management board of a limited liability company or joint-stock company which he has created or whose shares he has taken up or acquired, or conducting matters of a limited partnership or limited partnership – joint-stock by the general partner, or acting as a proxy, provided that the foreigner meets the conditions referred to in paragraph 1 point 1 and 2, and the company meets the conditions referred to in para. 1 point 3 of the Act on foreigners (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 107).

The above-mentioned permit is granted if the circumstances that are the basis for applying for this permit justify the foreigner’s stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland for a period longer than 3 months.

Legal basis: Act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners (Journal of Laws of 2018 No. 2094) together with implementing acts.

How to apply:

The application is submitted by a foreigner applying for permission in person to the voivode competent for the place of stay of the foreigner, no later than on the last day of legal stay on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

When submitting the application, the foreigner is required to submit fingerprints.

If the application is not submitted in person or is sent by post – after delivery of the application to the voivode, the foreigner will be summoned to appear in person within 7 days of delivery of the request, otherwise the application will not be examined.

Documents confirming the circumstances indicated in the application:


CIT-8 of the company for the previous year certifying the achievement of income not lower than 12 times the average monthly gross salary in the national economy in the voivodship in which the entrepreneur has its registered office or place of residence, in the year preceding the submission of the application, announced by the President of the Central Statistical Office pursuant to art. . 30 paragraph 2 of the Act of October 26, 1995 on certain forms of support for housing construction.

documents confirming employment for an indefinite period and full-time employment at least for the period of 1 year preceding the submission of the application for at least 2 employees who are Polish citizens or foreigners referred to in art. 87 paragraph 1 points 1-9 of the Act of 20 April 2004 on employment promotion and labor market institutions

documents confirming the possession of funds enabling the fulfillment of the abovementioned conditions in the future or carrying out activities enabling the fulfillment of these conditions in the future, in particular those contributing to the increase of investment, technology transfer, introduction of beneficial innovations or creation of jobs

certificate of tax default
certificate of non-arrears in company taxes
company balance sheet with current profit and loss account
Business questionnaire

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Necessary documents to submit once You applying for residency based on  business activity:

  1. Application for a temporary residence permit 
  2. Four photographs meeting the following requirements:
    undamaged, colorful, with good sharpness;
    dimensions 35 mm x 45 mm;
    carried out not earlier than 6 months before the date of submission of the application;
    showing the image of the foreigner’s face from the top of the head to the upper part of the shoulders, so that the face covers 70-80% of photographs, on a uniform light background, in the frontal position, looking straight ahead with eyes open, uncovered hair, with a natural expression of face and closed mouth, and they also reproduce the natural color of his skin;
    showing clearly the eyes of the foreigner, especially the pupils, the line of foreigner’s eyes is parallel to the upper edge of the photograph;
    Note: A foreigner wearing a headgear in accordance with the rules of his religion may attach to the application a photograph showing him in the headgear, provided that the face is fully visible. In such a case, the application shall be accompanied by the foreigner’s declaration of belonging to a religious community.
  3. A photocopy of a valid travel document (original for inspection), in particularly justified cases, when the foreigner does not have a valid travel document and it is not possible to obtain it, may present another document confirming his identity.
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