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National Independence Day - a national holiday in Poland celebrated annually on November 11 to commemorate Poland regaining independence in 1918, after 123 years of partitions.

Poland a bit more welcoming to migrants

Migrants in Poland.

Poland is rather a country of emigration, it is also a place chosen by thousands of foreigners. Poland right now is becoming a little more welcoming to migrants,

As arises from the recent Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), the country is slightly more welcoming for immigrants than before.

A new law that were entered into force in 2012 Provides a clearer path to citizenship for foreigners.

However, Poland’s lack of an integration strategy for its non-EU residents is still reflected in its low MIPEX scores in most areas. For the last few years Poland’s minor improvements have not been enough to keep up with other countries catching up on integration. In this year’s ranking MIPEX Poland came 32 out of 38 countries.

Michael Shepherd spoke to Thomas Huddleston of the Migration Policy Group from Brussels, principal author of the Migrant Integration Policy Index for Poland.

“Poland is trying to make sure That people can apply for citizenship Clearly with Their clear right and That it’s not a discretionary, complicated procedure like you can see in a lot of other countries,” Thomas Huddleston said.

Author: The Migration Bureau

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