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Age limit to work in Poland

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Age limit to work in Poland

Many of you ask the question what is the working age limit in Poland?
There is no certain answer to this question.
As a principle, a person at the age of 15 years old can start a work in Poland, however, there is a number of restrictions, therefore the work of young people is not very various.
The official completion moment is transition to the retirement.

Work of adolescents in Poland
After turning 18, we acquire full work rights in Poland, but we can start working earlier. After reaching the age of 15 and basic school education, you can become a youth worker. Such an employee may be employed for apprenticeships or for light work. If such a person is a student and has to attend compulsory schooling during his work, his or her study time is reduced to the working time. It is also good to remember that an employee under the age of 16 years old may only work for up to 6 hours a day, and up to 8 hours until the age of 18.

Productive age in Poland
The Polish society is aging, and thus the age of employees is increasing. In addition to the global pandemic, many branches of the economy have collapsed and we need people to rebuild them. Employers in Poland prefer people aged 25-35, of course older people are also employed. People in the 18-25 age group are rather trying to continue their education, so employers are not sure whether such employees will leave them to find jobs at more favorable conditions. Older people around retirement age, unfortunately, have problems with work. It is best if experience goes with age.

Retirement age in Poland

Men at the age of 65 can retire in Poland, and women at the age of 60. For you as for foreigner is important to know that in accordance with the Labor Code, pre-retirement protection begins 4 years before reaching retirement age. Therefore, 56-year-old women and 61-year-old men are protected against dismissal.
However, pre-retirement protection does not apply to people who are employed on a basis other than an employment contract. Even if it is only a small part-time job. If we work under a specific task or commission contract, we cannot take advantage of such protection.
A lot of people which reached retirement age continue to work. Such people feel capable of continuing their work, are used to the current state of affairs and just want to earn more. Employers also believe that susceptibility and disease rates increase with age, this is not always the case. You can take a positive look as you age, experience and attachment grows.
Preferences of Polish employers

Among Polish employers, we will have 3 main groups based on their preferences:

  • 1. more willing to employ foreigners at a young age right after graduation, because they have great potential and are ready to quickly get into a new job
  • 2. another group are foreigners with a stable personal life, aged around 24-35. Some employers believe that people with a family are more involved in work and are looking for a long-term problem where they will find themselves at work and a housing estate with the family
  • 3. there is also a group of employers who are looking for experienced people aged 40-50, especially in jobs where age and physical fitness do not play the most important role, but experience and knowledge count.
    If you are 60, you can still work in Poland. However, it is worth remembering that Polish employers prefer people in 20-50 years to start cooperation so that they can bind the employee for many years. With people in the pre-retirement age, the risk of falling ill increases, therefore you will definitely have to spend more time finding a suitable job.
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