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Migrate to Poland. VFS page logo and flag of the India. VFS is The largest website dealing with issues related to passports, visas and services for citizens of different countries.

VFS visa from India to Poland

VFS visa from India to Poland: VFS Global is one of the world’s largest websites dealing with issues related to passports, visas and services for citizens of different countries. VFS Global in December 2019 in New Delhi officially opened the Polish visa application center. Thanks to VFS Global services, the entire process of applying for a visa from India to Poland has been simplified and accelerated. Earlier, many people had problems arranging a visa appointment, after taking over the application process by VFS, these problems were reduced. The system has been successfully operating for many years on 5 continents, serving the interests of its clients.


The visa application will still be handled and examined by the Polish Embassy and VFS employees have no influence on the decision, however they ensure that the application is completed and submitted correctly. The visit should be registered at:

There you will find all necessary information on how to apply for a visa from India to Poland.

Before applying for a visa, make sure you select the correct type of visa in your application. Available categories are

  1. Type C Schengen visa, divided into categories:
  • Tourist visa – issued to persons traveling for tourism and leisure purposes to meet friends.
  • Business visa – people traveling on business trips,
  1. National visa:

You should apply for a national visa if you intend to spend over 90 days in Poland. The national visa (D) allows: staying on the territory of Poland and gives the opportunity to travel in other Schengen countries for up to three months within a specified period of half a year.

It can be issued for the purpose of work or study.

  • Student visa
  • Worker’s Visa

After choosing the right type of visa, you should carefully read all the requirements: make visa fees, prepare all required documents and photographs. After reading the instructions, complete the appropriate visa application to receive a Type C Schengen Visa or Type D National Visa. Application forms are available on the VFS website.

How to apply for a visa:


Visa applications should be submitted to Polish visa application centers in India after prior appointment.


  1. Prepare the application and additional documents required.
  2. Book a visit to the Visa Center: you can do it online or by calling the VFS hotline.


  1. Come to the booked visit and submit the appropriate visa application together with the required documents. If, after examining the application, you do not want to go to the visa center again, you can choose to send a courier passport, upon payment.
  2. Pay the application – you can do it at the cash register in Indian currency.


Visa type C – 6500 INR – 80 €

Visa type D – 6500 INR – 80 €


  1. Spending the status of your application, you will know when to go to pick up your passport or it will be delivered to you if you chose this option. You have 30 days for this. You can only collect your passport in person by showing your photo ID.


It is still possible to apply for a visit to the Embassy of the Republic of Poland to submit an application, however the number of such places is limited.


  1. After submitting your visa application, check the status of your application on the VFS website. You can use this function if you have applied for a visa at the Polish visa center and received confirmation with a tracking number.


In summary, by working with governments around the world, VFS supports visa applicants throughout the application process. The whole process is faster and more efficient. Applicants should submit applications to the appropriate Visa Center according to their place of residence. On the VFS website, with the help of a special function, you can locate the nearest point receiving visa applications, choosing your city of residence.

At the end also remember to follow news from Polish Consulate and Embassy in India

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