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Woman driving a car, confident driver. Driving licence in Poland for foreigners.

Driving Licence in Poland – All You need to know

How to get driving license in Poland?

A driving license issued in one EU country is recognized in all other EU countries. But if your driving licence is from non-EU country, the procedure is different. If you are from non-EU country, the right to drive in Poland will be granted to an international driving license issued by the country of which the given driver is a citizen or a standard driving license issued by his country. It all depends, from which country you are and whether they have a contract with Poland regarding the recognition of driving licenses.Two traffic conventions are key in this matter.The first of these was done in Geneva in 1949, and they come to agreement for the mutual recognition of international driving license parties. The second convention in Vienna was drawn up in 1968, and its agreement was the issue of mutual recognition of national driving licenses. An international driving license is issued in two types, depending on which convention on road traffic is the basis and applies in a given country. On the basis of the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic of 19 September 1949. According to art. 24 “Each Contracting State shall grant to any driver who is in its territory permission to drive on its roads, without retesting, motor vehicles for which driving after submitting proof of its qualifications – the driver has obtained a valid permit issued by the competent authorities another Contracting State. ” Similar provisions regarding international driving licenses are contained in the provisions of the Vienna Convention of 8 November 1968 on road traffic (Article 41).In addition to the abovementioned conventions, Poland has signed agreements on the recognition of driving licenses with Japan and South Korea

Do you have a foreign driving license and have you lived in Poland for a minimum of 185 days?

You can exchange them for a Polish driving license. Check how to do it.Polish driving licence could be issued if you are living in Poland more than 185 days and if Poland is your country of residence. You can apply for driving licence earlier if you show documents that will confirm your permission for stay in Poland over 185 days. It can be visa or residence permit.

Foreign driving license ceases to be valid after 6 months from the moment of obtaining permanent or temporary residence in Poland.You don’t have to exchange a driving license if you have a driving license issued in another member state of the European Union, the Swiss Confederation or a member of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) – party to the agreement on the European Economic Area.

Such driving licenses entitle to drive cars in Poland for the entire period of validity.In most cases, driving licenses will be exchanged without having to taking any examinations confirming knowledge of traffic rules road and driving skills. There are exceptions.

If your driving license does not match the model set out in the Geneva Convention or Vienna Convention – you must pass the theoretical part of the state examination. Find out in the office what to do in your situation.

1.Prepare all the needed documents.

2.Submit them in the right office.

3.Pay for issued the driving licence.

4.Receive the driving licence

Where to apply:

in the city hall – if you live in a city with poviat status,

at the district office of your place of residence – if you live in Warsaw,

at the poviat eldership office at the place of residence,

For issuing the driving licence you will have to pay 100,50 pln.

All information check on this link 


What should you prepare to get driving licence in Poland?

Driving license replacement application. Check application form

actual photo in driving licence format,


a document that confirms the registered address of your stay,

photocopy of a foreign driving license with translation into Polish – the translation must be written or confirmed by a sworn translator or consul and must form an integral part of the document.

How long you will have to wait? Around 9 business days from the day on which the office receives confirmation of data from your foreign driving license and confirmation of payment. Confirming the data can take upto several weeks.If your received a refusal, you can appeal from the decision. You have 14 days to do so after receiving the decision.

The appeal must be lodged with the office which refused it.

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  • Md Helal Talukdar

    I am driving light vehicle( car ,double cab, van) in United Arab Emirates for more then 15 years. How long it will take for me to obtain long haul truck lisence in Poland. How much will be the cost ?

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