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These simple processes set the rules for a vacancy control and minimisation. Every retail shopping centre should have a vacancy control programme incorporating these and other factors of decision. In this way the property can be allowed to perform effectively whilst under the pressure of a vacant area.

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Full time, Employee
General secondary (high)

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  • Welding is the application of heat to permanently join metal parts to repair and fabricate metal structures, machinery and equipment. Welding positions are classified depending on the training and types of welding machines that a welder can use. Skilled welders have experience using multiple welding machines including the arc welder, TIG (tungsten inert gas) welder and MIG (metal inert gas) welder. Skilled welders are found in automotive, construction and aerospace industries.Unskilled welders typically do repetitive work which requires little or no special skill, such as work on assembly lines. Unskilled welding positions can be found in shipbuilding, manufacturing and steel industries. Due to the nature of the work and the industries where welding is employed, a welding career can be hazardous.


Experience working with construction and welding at least 6 months

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