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Beautiful polish street with interesting architecture. Poland is a great destination for tourists.

Life in Poland for Foreigners what you should know

Life in Poland in similar to living in any other European country, an advantage here is it is cheaper compare to other Western European countries. Poland is in the center of Europe so it Becomes easy to travel to the East as well as west European countries.

People here are more helpful compare to other countries. If you are a foreigner then they try to understand what you are saying or maybe ask someone else to help you. Polish girls are amazing. They are ready to help you 24/7, you can rely on them for all help / information you need.

Mostly people speak polish, 2 out of 10 can speak Angielski so language can be a barrier sometimes if you do not have any friend out there. Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the world, if you learn it then you deserve a pat on your back.

Pierogi is the thing that you ” ” ‘can easily find everywhere, it is like Momos in India.
It is stuffed with potatoes / chicken.

You can find kebab on like every street.
Food is not a question of the: unless you are a vegetarian. You can find everything in stores if you are planning to cook yourself.

This is one thing That foreigners can not miss here. I was in Krakow, the cultural city which had a very active nightlife. All clubs / pubs are open till 4.00 so you can enjoy a lot till then and get the first bus of 4.00 am back to your hostel / home. It’s not even expensive, so clubs do charge but you can find some nice place for free too.

Public Transport
This will make your life so convinient that you ” ” ‘can plan your day well. Bus / metro / tram everything Connects the city and is easily accessible. It has a fix time table and every bus / metro / tram station has a letter of services That it operates and how much time it would take to reach a Particular place. You will never need to worry about being late due to traffic or anything else.

Life in Poland is very safe for foreigners to live here. Just make sure you do not go alone to unusual places. (This rule Applies to every foreign country) so there’s no extra precautions to be taken here.

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