Are you a Entrepreneur or a Working Professional or a Student whose application or documents have got rejected during verification due to discrepancy in the translated document?

Do you need to translate your marriage certifficate?

Any miscommunication in legal and business contracts can lead to serious problems . We have came across many clients who have gone through such issues and have provided them with guaranteed solutions.

The Migration Bureau provides you with Legal translation services through a team of highly educated, skilled and certified translators who understands the content of your document from a wide selection of languages and translates it with accuracy using the best terminologies that could lead to the desired meaning in Arabic and also gets it stamped by authorised government official so that you do not face any hassles. Our team is well-recognized & accepts all types of official submission in all embassies, consulates, institutions in UAE & across the globe.

We have translators who are specialized in Annual Financial Reports, Special Power of Attorneys, General Power of Attorneys etc, Sales & Purchase Agreements, Courts Judgments, Civil & Commercial Laws for all countries, Commercial/Performa Invoices, Purchase Orders, Companies Cheques, Commercial Lease Agreements, Bid of Quotations, Personal Agreements, Loan agreements, Auditors Reports, Legal Notices, Summons, Memorandum of Understanding, Local Service Agent Agreements, Minutes of Meeting, Confidential Agreements, Proposals, Bank Letters, Acknowledgement Receipts, Notifications, Sales and marketing agreements, Statement of Accounts and 1000+ types of legal documents.