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People from differend countries can start cooperation in Poland and get business invitation.

Business invitations to Poland. How to get invitation

What is the business invitations?

Do you want business invitations to Poland? Find out how to get it. If you have a lot of business partners abroad and you want to consult or negotiate face to face, you should think about getting business invitation.

Business invitations it’s a document which confirm that invited foreigner has enough financial measures to cover all the costs needed to stay in Poland. The costs included accommodation, food, return travel. The invitation to Poland does not entitled to start working in this country. The inviter can be a legal entity, e.g. company, diplomatic mission etc. 

The inviting parties may be summoned for an interview with the visa processing authorities, if need be. 

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The business invitations should contain the following information:

  • Inviting data: name, surname, date and place of birth, citizenship, address, occupation, type, series and number of identity card; or: company or name, REGON number, registered office;
  • Details of the invited foreigner: names, surname, date and place of birth, citizenship, address, series and number of the passport and possibly the degree of relationship to the inviting person;
  • A written commitment to cover the foreigners’ living, return and healthcare costs if necessary;
  • Information about the place of accommodation of the invited foreigner;
  • Specifying the time at which the foreigner is invited;
  • Determining the purpose of the foreigner’s stay;
  • The name of the institution where the invitation is submitted (typically the Office for Foreigners in the voivodeship office);
  • Invitation date and number;
  • Signature of the inviting person.

A person applying for entering an invitation to the register of invitations also submits:

  • a filled application form for entering an invitation to the register of invitations,
  • document confirming the possibility of covering costs related to the stay of a foreigner (including the cost of accommodation, treatment, return from Poland,
  • a document confirming to the right to the residence, where a foreigner will be accommodated,
  • proof of payment of tax duty, which is 27 PLN.

An invitation is valid for one year after it has been registered.

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